Debt Servicing Portal.

The purpose of this portal is to enable an automated reconciliation of USP supplier accounts by matching supplier balances to your statements. Please follow the below instructions to complete the process.

How will it work

  • 1 Suppliers register on this portal.
  • 2 Suppliers receive their login credentials i.e. username and password by email after due verification by Uchumi.
  • 3 Suppliers login and upload their pending invoice details (Excel format downloadable after login from the site) up to 2nd March 2020.
  • 4 The invoices details are verified by Uchumi and verified invoices details matching the records held by Uchumi are dealt with according to the terms of the CVA. Invoices details which do not match with the records are marked as disputed and the creditor will be contacted on what needs to be done.


  • This Portal is only applicable to Suppliers who have supplied goods and services to UCHUMI SUPERMARKETS KENYA.
  • Extension of Validity : Registration & Upload extended upto 30th Nov 2020.